2017 Freshmen Tournament

Wed April 12:
5 PMHuntsville vs. Grissom
6:30 PMHuntsville vs. Sparkman
Thurs April 13:
3:30 PMBuckhorn vs. Grissom
5 PMHartselle vs. James Clemens
6:30 PMHartselle vs. Bob Jones
Sat April 15:
NoonHuntsville vs. James Clemens
1:30 PMBuckhorn vs. Bob Jones
3 PMSparkman vs. Grissom
Mon April 17:
3:30 PMHuntsville vs. Bob Jones
(game DOES NOT count for Huntsville)
5 PMSparkman vs. Hartselle
6:30 PMBuckhorn vs. James Clemens
Wed April 19:
5 PMTBD vs. Seed 7
6:30 PMSeed 5 vs. Seed 6
Thurs April 20
3:30 PMSeed 3 vs. Seed 4
5 PMSeed 1 vs. Seed 2
Everyone is guaranteed 4 games (Huntsville HS had an extra game to fill to get to 24 games and will play a 5th game). We are needing someone to play Seed 7. Is there anyone that has an extra game and would like that as a 5th game?
Tournament Procedures:
Entry fee is 1 dozen Wilson baseballs.
All games are 5 innings with extra innings used as needed.
Coin toss will be used for all games to determine home team.
Tiebreakers: 1) Head to Head 2) Runs Allowed 3) Run Differential 4) Coin Flip